Calexico police bear down on speeders


CALEXICO – Calexico Chief of Police Reynaldo Gomez instructed his patrols to cite speeders traveling on Highway 98 near the Calexico Unified School district, according to a press release.


Chief Gomez said in an effort to provide for the safety of student pedestrians and motorists traveling on Highway 98, the Calexico Police Department held a traffic enforcement detail focusing on speeding motorists. Traffic on Highway 98 has been a source of numerous complaints from nearby residents, commuter travelers and the Calexico Unified School District Staff, the release said. 


As a result, from 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the officers of the Calexico Police Department issued 31 speeding citations, according to reports. The chief said the mission of this detail was to effectively deter any drivers not abiding by the laws of the roadway.  Not only are there schools present on Highway 98, he said, but medical facilities as well.


According to the report, the police department plans on holding more details similar to this one in the future.