Calexico Lady Bulldogs Dominate Brawley Wildcats in Softball Shutout

Calexico pitcher Kasey Cazares throws a fast pitch during their away game on Tuesday night.
Calexico pitcher Kasey Cazares throws a fast pitch during their away game on Tuesday night.

BRAWLEY — The Calexico Lady Bulldogs dominated in their away game against the Wildcats at Brawley on Tuesday night, producing a shutout score of 9-0.

The Lady Bulldogs made an early statement by scoring three consecutive points in the first half of the game. They went into the fourth inning leading by a score of 3-0, although it was their defense that helped them secure the lead. The Wildcats remained scoreless throughout the inning due to excellent pitching by Calexico’s pitcher Kasey Cazares (#1) who gave the Wildcats a difficult time in getting any hits at all.

When the Wildcats marched onto the field to start the fifth inning, they brought excellent defense and were able to stop any Lady Bulldog player from getting past first base. Calexico decided to match this intensity during the bottom of the fifth inning and brought an equally stubborn defense to leave the Wildcats scoreless once again.

Any chance of the Wildcats coming back into the game was laid to rest as the Lady Bulldogs unleashed an onslaught of runs at the beginning of the sixth inning. Nicole Moran (#8) began the series of runs to home plate while on third base. She was followed in by her teammates Massie Burgos (#16), Nat Lopez (#2), and Brianna Amparano (#14). This series of runs left the Lady Bulldogs with a score of 7-0. The Wildcats’ offense was unable to answer with any points due to the quick Calexico infield defense picking off any potential hits made.

With the Lady Bulldogs starting off the seventh inning at bat, Nicole Moran (#8) decided to add an exclamation point to her team’s lead by stealing home plate while on second based after a missed ball by Brawley’s short stop. Shortly after, Melannie Ibarra (#7) made a powerful hit to left field and that brought her teammate Jessie Hernandez (#11)  home.

Although the Wildcats never lost their intensity, it was not enough to overcome Calexico’s pitching and quick defense, with the Lady Bulldogs winning the conference game by a final score of 9-0.

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