Calexico City Council presents award to employee of the quarter

(L-R) Lewis Pacheco, Bill Hodge, Leo Miramon, Jesus Escobar, Maritza Hurtado, Armando Real.
Photo by: Javier Guerrero

CALEXICO – On October 18, at the city council meeting the city presented Calexico Police Department Dispatcher Leo Miramon with the  Employee of the Quarter.

Officially, Miramon began working with the city of Calexico in 2010, but worked as a police explorer since the age of 14.

According to the selection committee some the of the criteria considered for his nomination were his 12-hour shifts, at times solitary, he puts in as a public safety dispatcher.

Miramon dispatches for police, fire, animal control, traffic division, and other law enforcement agencies.

As well as answering 911 calls, Miramon also takes in regular business calls, lobby calls, and walk-ins who usually are fire and police department personal coming in to inquire about various subject matter.

Amidst all of the nominees, Leo came out on top because he goes above and beyond, time and again during his shift.

According to the committee, one of his display of alertness, while Miramon was looking at the surveillance cameras he noticed a suspicious subject at the border park who appeared to be consuming an alcoholic beverage while also holding a plastic bag.

Miramon then alerted an officer to the subject.  When the officer arrived at the scene, Leo saw the subject toss the plastic bag.

Miramon then alerted the officers as to the actions of the subject and then led them to the plastic bag via the camera.

The officer located a large amount of methamphetamine and the subject was arrested and eventually prosecuted for possession of illegal drugs.

Miramon was awarded $150 and a Certificate of Appreciation.

“Law enforcement runs in my blood going back to my grandfather in the 70’s,” stated Miramon. “ I’ve been wanting to work for the Calexico Police Department for a long time and I finally got my chance 10 years ago.  This is my city, I was born and raised here.  And even through moments of hardship, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”