Calexico Mural by Artist Luis Delgado Unveiled


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CALEXICO – The City of Calexico and the Calexico Arts Commission proudly unveiled the fourth mural in a series of five, this time by local artist Luis Delgado on Thursday, April 23, located on the South/West wall of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce building on Imperial Avenue.

“The evolution of Calexico inspired me for this mural. I have lived in the City of Calexico for eleven years and have experienced many changes. Old Calexico had the De Anza Hotel, an old railroad train, and empty fields along Highway 98. The new Calexico now has a City Hall, renewable energy, and those empty fields converted into solar plants,” artist Luis Delgado said.

Relatively unique and unlike the others, this mural was created in four pieces of cement slabs. Each piece was painted individually and then mounted onto the wall, much like a puzzle. “With the help of my wife and children, who are also artists, this project was completed at home and then brought to the Chamber of Commerce,” said Delgado.

“I am proud to see art in public places and hope it continues this way to beautify the City of Calexico,” John Moreno, Calexico City Mayor said.

“We are beginning a third cycle of murals in the month of May and welcome every citizen of Imperial County who loves art to fill out an application and become one of our artist,” said Hildy Carillo, Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director.

“My mother is a painter in Guatemala, and it’s her I thank for teaching me the importance of art. I propose we create a program for kids and teach them the importance of art and encourage them to become painters,” said Delgado.

Part of the unveiling included giving guests the opportunity to imprint their hand on the left side of the mural as a symbol of unity.

“It is an honor to be a part of this city and community” added Delgado.

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