CA Drivers to Pay More for Gas Starting Next Week


Expect to pay more at the pump starting Nov. 1.

CALIFORNIA — Drivers in California will see gas prices go up by about 12 cents per gallon starting next week, according to the Sacramento Bee.

The gas tax hike, which takes effect Nov. 1, is aimed at raising money to improve the state’s roadways. Drivers who use diesel instead of gas will see prices jump by 20 cents a gallon, the report said.

The hike comes after Senate Bill 1 was passed and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this year. Authors and proponents of the bill said raising gas prices and vehicle registration fees, will raise $5.2 billion annually —enough to repair and maintain California’s poor roads.

The new vehicle registration fees take effect Jan. 1. Drivers can expect hikes anywhere between $25 to $175 per car, depending on its value, according to the article.


  1. Hear a lot of mumbling, cussing, etc. but it doesn’t mean a thing until it comes time to vote. If the same idiots stay in office, got no one to blame but the cretins who want them there and want pay for high gas and taxes. Just goes to show you how dumb most Californians are, plus the politicians who are looking out for the people.

  2. When gas goes up, everything else goes up. You can expect a big hike in groceries, clothes. Truckers can’t pay more for gas to deliver products, this is passed down the line.
    Brown is causing CA working Citizens to lose MONEY.
    Insurance companies should help recall Brown. Sanctuary cities full of criminals that cost insurance for loss.

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