BRAWLEY — Local food vendors from all over the county occupied the parking lot of Grocery Outlet for the Cattle Call Mixer Kickoff event Thursday, November 3.

White folding chairs soon became occupied as guests started to pour in from the vehicles that arrived on the west side of the parking lot.

Cowboy hats were visible on the heads of guests, marking the special occasion of the city of Brawley’s Cattle Call kicking off at the Mixer ceremony.

Food trucks from a variety of caterers were parked near the eastern edges of the grocery store’s parking lot and handed out food, drinks, and desserts to guests who purchased meal tickets.

Photo booths were available throughout the area with complimentary Cattle Call themed backgrounds. One photo booth in particular attracted a lot of attention from guests due to its futuristic nature. Owned and operated by professional photographers, the 2512 360 degree video booth provided an advanced method of capturing the moment by using a spinning platform with a long metal phone holder that allowed users to take videos while standing on it.

A table with a brass-plated raffle drum was placed near the entrance of the grocery store in an attempt to draw in shoppers to buy tickets for a raffle. The prizes of the raffle varied from packaged candies in mugs to small household accessories.

Tickets were sold in bundles to help buyers increase their chances of obtaining prizes upon time to pick winners. 

Brawley Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Ramiro Urias, in attendance at the event, remarked on how unique each year's mixer is.

“Our Kickoff Mixer is usually done on a Monday night, this is the first time we are actually doing it on a Thursday night,” Urias said.

“We have about six different sponsors for this event, the raffle gifts are donated by different members of our community as gifts on behalf of their businesses. Every year we do it at a different location. We had the mixer last year at the Sun Community parking lot and we had about two-hundred and fifty people there. Every year we try to move it into a different business in the community,” he said.

As the local band started to tune their instruments before the Mixer started, Brawley Mayor Sam Couchman set out an optimistic outlook for Cattle Call weekend.

“We are really excited, it’s a wild time of year,” said Couchman.

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