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With a better-than-expected 379,000 jobs added, the February jobs report has a lot of people talking. And one researcher has a suggestion for how the Biden administration can build on those numbers.

"I would say they should quit badgering governors that have reopened," begins Joel Griffith, research fellow for The Heritage Foundation, a center-right think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. "This jobs report really shows the power of the reopening, and it shows that people are ready and willing to reopen the economy. But President Biden said the other day that governors were [thinking] like Neanderthals."

The Neanderthal remark came in a question-and-answer session about the governors of Texas and Mississippi ending mask mandates and lifting all restrictions on businesses in their states.

"People just want to get back to their lives, the communities, and they want to see people again," says Griffith. "They want to get together with others; they want to be able to run their business. That's people just wanting to live their lives."

Griffith points to cities such as Atlanta and Miami as being among those in reopened states with economies that are on the fast-track to recovery.

"Contrast that with what's going on in New York City and all the economic misery, not to mention the mental anguish, the mental health issues, and people forced to be isolated," Griffith continues. "A lot of these regulations have been senseless and baseless and not grounded in science, so I would say quit badgering governors, and encourage fellow Democrats to go ahead and reopen their economy."

Many people think it is still too soon, though, and that states should wait on lifting their restrictions until more people have gotten a vaccine.  Still, The Heritage Foundation has long been of the opinion that lives and livelihoods can be saved by reopening the economy while taking steps to ensure the health and safety of individuals.

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