Dr. Brian Tyson, his wife Fabiola Tyson, and staff members host Inferno's its grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony Friday, May 28, at the old Burgers & Beer location in the Imperial Valley Mall.

EL CENTRO — Imperial Valley Mall’s newest addition held its grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony Friday, May 28, at the old Burgers & Beer location which closed during COVID-19. Inferno heard the desires of El Centro residents and expanded from its Brawley location to the IV Mall, according to Dr. Brian Tyson and his wife, Fabiola.

Dr. Tyson is the founder of All Valley Urgent Care, which has locations in El Centro and Brawley, and oversees Inferno’s El Centro location.

Dr. Tyson explained it was his and Ryan Harsany’s dream to expand the Brawley location to the mall. Ryan Harsany was the previous owner of the Brawley Inferno restaurant. He was shot and killed north of Riverside in March of 2019. After his death, his twin brother Brian Harsany took over the restaurant.

“Tragically, he (Ryan Harsany) passed away, and his twin brother, Brian, took over the restaurant, yet we carried on that legacy,” said Dr. Tyson.

Dr. Tyson and the Harsany twins all attended Redlands High School together. Ryan Harsany and Dr. Tyson became close friends when he moved to the Valley to open his urgent care facility with Harsany his only friend. Through Ryan Harsany, Dr. Tyson also became close friends with his twin Brian.

Fabiola Tyson said El Centro residents requested a second location open up in their town after having to travel to Brawley constantly to enjoy the restaurant and its live entertainment.

Dr. Tyson said when the mall reached out to request Inferno’s expansion, it worked out so that El Centro residents’ requests could finally be fulfilled.

“The mall came to us because of our success in Brawley and asked us if we would be willing to take over the old Burgers & Beer that had left,” Dr. Tyson said.

“We always talked about it. We always talked about coming down to the mall, or building our own place, or building a skating rink. We had a lot of dreams,” he said.

Dr. Tyson said the El Centro location will act as a sports bar, and both locations will remain open during the summer. The Brawley location typically closes during the hot summer months.

“We’re super excited about it and we’ve got some great entertainment lined up. We’re trying to build back up the mall and getting it back to where it was pre-pandemic, offering great food, great drinks, and great entertainment,” said Dr. Brian Tyson.


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