EL CENTRO — The Belellano Insurance Services held their grand opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony alongside the Imperial Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce Thursday, June 16 to shine a light on their new location.

Belellano Insurance Service has served the Imperial and San Diego Counties for over a decade to help meet the needs of individuals, families, business owners and their employees.

Before the ribbon-cutting commenced, Mayor Tomas Oliva spoke on behalf of the City of El Centro.

“I want to extend a hand to the Belellano Insurance Services group and let them know that the city is here to help and support our small-town business and we look forward to seeing how you will earn the business of the members of our great Imperial Valley,” said Mayor Oliva.

Next to speak was the owner of Belellano Insurance Services, Octavio Cortez.

“We want to be a resource for the community and no matter if a person just has a question for us, we will be here to lend that helping hand,” said Cortez. “And I just want to thank all of you who came out today to show us your support on our mission in serving the Imperial Valley.”

Following the speech from Cortez, his team along with Mayor Oliva and Mayor Pro-Tem Martha Cardenas-Singh held the ribbon for the cutting ceremony, which officially marked that the Belellano Insurance was open for business at its new location.

“Our host has been in business since 2010 but the movement to this location is gorgeous and we want to let Belellano Insurance Services know that we are grateful for their small business in the Imperial Valley and for making the valley better than it already is,” said Imperial Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce President Anne Irigoyen.

Their new facility is now at 610 South 8th Street.

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