BUHSD board moves toward offering a correctional officers class next year

Jack Greer of the ICSO discusses new proposed corrections class
Jack Greer of the ICSO discusses new proposed corrections class

BRAWLEY – The board of BUHSD considered an MOU, between the Imperial County Sheriffs’ Office, IVROP and themselves, to provide Adult Corrections Core Training Course during the 2013-14 school year.

The course will be different from other classes offered at the school. Because IVROP is involved, pre-approved adults will be permitted on campus to take the course along with Brawley students. Concern was expressed by several trustees, but they were assured of the screening process  of the adults done by IVROP through background checks a live scans.

Another difference, from normal BUHS classes, is that over the life of the course, up to nine different instructors will teach. Jack Greer, representative from the Sheriff’s Office addressed that concern. “Any one of the teachers could successfully teach the entire class. What we chose to do, however, is let each instructor teach the area where they are experts, this way the students get the very best of what the academy has to offer.”

The major difference in this correctional class, is that at 18, the student will be qualified for a job, to be hired as a correctional officer.

The Sheriff’s Department sees three recruitment opportunities through the graduates. First, they have qualified applicants who have been certified, the department will create a reserve, and finally, with the new jail to open in the near future, new employees will be needed.

The students will only be qualified to be correctional officers.

The board tabled the matter for the next meeting after Trustee Ralph Fernandez brought up the fact that the Sheriff’s office is protected in the MOU against being held liable but the high school isn’t. Greer said that would be easy to add. Greer said the Board of Supervisors also need to agree to the MOU.

Both Greer and the board agreed that time is of the essence to finalize everything before the beginning of the school year, but thought it should be possible.

Phil Grant
Phil Grant reminded the board that the year wait before voting to memorialize Scott Pace had passed.

In other business, the board agreed to accept a donation of $17,000 from the Imperial Irrigation District and they voted to place on next month’s agenda a vote on having a memorial for Scott Pace placed on the Old Gym’s floor. It will have been over one year since Captain Pace was killed in action in Afghanistan, one of the board’s time requirements for memorializing a person at the high school.