BUHSD approves budget, thanks R38 Church

President Helen Noriega (R) thanks R38 church for the work they donated to BUHS
President Helen Noriega (R) thanks R38 church for the work they donated to BUHS

BRAWLEY – The BUHSD board approved their budget for the 2013-14 school year at their last meeting. The cash/ending balance as of June 30, 2013 was over $3 million and an unrestricted reserve percentage of 35.7% according to Director of Business Services, Jennifer Layaye.


The budget will also reflect a massive shifs of funds to the unrestricted as the state moved many programs such as Title I, II, III, and Special Education from restricted to the unrestricted and implemented Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Layaye told the board that the restricted programs are now lumped into this payment from the state.


Additional funding will be allotted to implement Common Core Standards, especially in staff training.


Local revenues included a $70,000 increase due to the IID LEAP grant.


Expenditures will increase due to salary increases for certificated placements on the salary schedule, addition of one teacher, and an increase for Migrant Summer School salaries. Also Classified salaries increased for the replacement of the maintenance/bus position and the increase for Migrant salaries.


Upgrades in classroom technology, computers for computer labs, and textbooks all added to the budget.


Layaye finished her presentation by projecting an unrestricted surplus of over $600,000 and a projected ending cash of slightly over $4 million.


In other business, the board thanked Pastor Brent Sims and his R38 church for their work on the perimeter fence. Board President Helen Noriega gave representatives of the church a plaque reminding the board that the church members “primed, scraped, cleaned, and painted” the perimeter fence all summer long.


The district runs two Child Development centers primarily for student moms and the remaining slots are open to the public. The BUHS child center is full, but the Desert Valley High School needs children. The programs teach foundations to the children with English language as the primary focus.


The school board meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month.