BUHS students Carranza and Mendez acknowledged for Cuban trip



Tristen Carranza and Izar Mendez had their eyes opened in Cuba

Tristen Carranza and Izar Mendez were honored at the BUHS district board meeting Tuesday night. The two athletes traveled to Cuba as sports ambassadors from the United States. 

They competed against other teams in Cuba as well as bringing bags of baseball equipment and clothes.

Asked what most impacted him, Carranza answered, “Everything is so different from home, the food,  even the baseball diamond is different. The Cuban teams had so little, many had no shoes, and no baseball clothing. It was a good thing we brought bags of gear to them.”


Mendez agreed, saying, “This was a huge eye opening experience for me. They look at life so differently; they have nothing, they were so happy to get socks.”


Rename gym floor

Coach Phil Grant

During public statements, Coach Phil Grant rose to ask the board to consider naming the basketball gym floor after Captain Scott Pace who recently died for his country while fighting in Afghanistan. “I see you have memorials for veterans from World War I, well he’s a veteran from the Afghanistan war. “

“Scotty loved BUHS. He played basketball for West Point, which just going there is a high honor, and under his practice jersey he wore his Wildcat practice jersey.”

“He never took the easy route, he studied Nuclear Engineering, and he went into combat arms for aviation. Having his name on the floor is an inspiration to all these young men to what is possible to achieve. Scott stepped up. He went above and beyond the call of duty. When they were under fire, he didn’t have to go back, but he did. Scott Pace went back to support his men.”

“It would be a great honor to honor Scott. He leaves an incredible legacy.”