BUHS Class of 2014 finishes with class and style






BRAWLEY -As a rare ‘honey moon’ filled the eastern sky, the Brawley Union High School class of 2014 walked to their seats, some solemnly, others with a jig in their walk, joyful their days of school were behind them, and others still rejoicing their hard work catapulted them on to their next platform.

After dedicating the year to Jason Contreras by the Senior class president and vice president , and after listening to the words of their high school counselor, Frank Felix, the seniors listened to four classmates reminisce and give words of wisdom.

The class of 2014 had two valedictorians, Sarah Steimel and Bryan Woods, and two salutatorians, Brooks Hamby and Abbie Phillips.

Perhaps the most edifying were the words of Hamby. He spoke on how his speech was denied three times due to references to his personal faith.

He reminded his fellow classmates that people in history raised the bar of mankind when they refused to be compromised when told to live according to inferior standards and denying what you know to be moral, and good, upright and honest.

Abby Phillips, co – salutatorian, reminded all that growing up in Brawley was a unique experience, that others they encounter will never have quite the same frame of reference.

Steimel thanked her parents, and her two brothers, who she said encouraged her to keep the family tradition of graduating valedictorian in the family.

Bryan Wood co-valedictorian, expressed gratitude for  many for helping him get to this platform, including his co-workers at the Donut Shop for teaching him how “life really is.”

Beach balls and cat calls came from the exuberant class, ready to finally walk to the stage and accept a diploma that represented four years of work, community service, testing, and perseverance.

Finally, the last name was called, Superintendent Danielian and school board president Carol Sassie declared the class officially graduated, and fireworks and caps filled the air with cheers of accomplishment and finality.



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