Brooks Hamby chosen as U.S. Senate Page


Brooks HambyBRAWLEY – While most teenagers will enjoy this summer sleeping in, enjoying the pool, or working a minimum wage job, others will be spending their months off on the floor of the United States Senate in the Capitol, as a Senate Page.

Brawley Union High School student, Brooks Hamby, has recently been selected to serve as a United State Senate Page in the U.S. Senate chambers, Capitol, and offices in Washington D.C. this June.

The Page Program entails each of the 100 Senators nominating one or two students between 16 and 17 years of age in their junior year of high school. The Senators refer their recommendations to the United States Senate committee for page selection, where the applicants are selected on merit as well as their appointing Senator’s seniority.

Hamby is sponsored by Senator Barbara Boxer after following an application and interview process to the D.C. office, finally narrowing Senator Boxer’s nominations to himself and another female student in the state.

He will be among the 30 selected students, 16 Democratic and 14 Republican appointed, from across the country that will serve as messengers to the nation’s Senators. Among the Pages’ responsibilities are to prepare the Senate chambers daily, deliver messages, carry bills and amendments to the desk, as well as carrying correspondence and assisting Senators.

Pages live in the Daniel Webster Hall dormitories located just to the east side of the capitol, next to the Hart Senate office building, and near the Supreme Court building.

“This is an incredible opportunity”, Hamby says, “to witness and participate first hand in the great American system of government in the process”.

Hamby will be responsible for memorizing the names, faces, and parties of each of the 100 senators, as well as preferences on ice in their water, as he will witness politics, current events, and history unfold over the summer.

Hamby is the son of Mark and Trina Hamby.  Following graduation he is interested in pursuing his passion for serving the interest of the people in constitutional law and running for public office.  Hamby received the J. Skelly Wright Constitutional Law Advocacy Award for his performance as a Prosecution Pre-Trial attorney arguing a second amendment case in Sacramento last year in the California Mock Trial state competition.  Hamby is currently an active 4-H member, Boy’s State selected candidate, selected to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Award, and Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership  (HOBY).  Hamby is a cross-country runner and is involved in his youth group.

Hamby states, “I am humbled to be able to witness and participate in this way to learn to serve my God and Country to the fullest extent in my future.”



  1. Dr. Mr. Hamby, I believe God used the opposition you faced to allow you to compose an even better speech than what you may have previously planned. The message you ended up giving rings true, even to the secular world. Thanks for being salt yourself.

  2. First congratulations on your many accomplishments. Your desire to not be forced to exclude God from YOUR speech is so inspiring. We all should be willing to suffer the consequences that could come from not allowing others to muffle our Christian faith. Your boldness has inspired me to use ever opportunity to give God the glory no matter what the outcome may be. Use your solid foundation to guide you through life.

  3. Great going young man. I respect you sincerely for standing up for your right to speak your mind and heart, in spite of the opposition.
    Always stay close to God and ask for His guidance and direction in everything you do. You are on the right track. God bless you and your parents for raising you with integrity and honesty.

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