Brickhouse Deli: Serving up sandwiches


IMPERIAL – This summer, the Tucker family decided it was finally time to open a restaurant, an idea they had been discussing at length. On June 19, Brickhouse Deli at 447 West Aten Road officially opened its doors to provide Valleyites with fresh sandwiches and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Jorden Tucker and his parents, Susan and Jerry Tucker, said they were trying to bring something new to the Imperial Valley when they opened their restaurant.

We wanted to offer food that was fresh and different. I felt there were a lot of places that offer fast, convenient food, but they were lacking nutritional value. Plus, I love sandwiches,” said Tucker.

Camila Carvalho, a student at Imperial Valley College, said she’s eaten at Brickhouse Deli several times this last week alone.

The bread is the most delicious bread I have ever tasted,” Carvalho. “It’s so airy and light and in perfect combination with the sandwich. I’ve only tried a few of the options, but I loved all of them and it has easily become one of my favorite places to eat,” she said.

Despite the limit of being open until 3:00 on weekdays, the Deli has managed to keep a steady stream of hungry customers, the owners said. Jorden Tucker said he holds high family values and thinks it’s important to balance business and family.

“I have three kids and a wife, so I don’t want to get home too late. I believe that it is important to be present in a business,” he said.

The Tuckers were inspired to open a restaurant as a family because of their close bond.

“We do everything as a family. My dad and mom and me are close to each other. It is something that my dad and I have been talking about for a long time,” Tucker said.

Upon arrival at the Deli, tables are full and sometimes the line is out of the door. However, customers won’t wait in line for very long, as Tucker and employees are quick to make the sandwiches.

“I think the food is delicious and the place is really nice and comfortable, even though it’s quite full sometimes,” said Carvalho.

The Tucker family commented that they are ecstatic about the response from the community and look forward to the future of the restaurant.


  1. Kayla anything on Aten rd is in Imperial, not El Centro. The dividing line is the Central Drain about a 1/4 mile south. Between Rogers and Rogers Dodge and El Centro motors/Ford

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