Brent Ashurst named 2014 Young Beekeeper of the Year

Brent Ashurst, 2014 Young Beekeeper of the Year


Valencia, CA – Brent Ashurst was named the 2014 Young Beekeeper of the Year by the California State Beekeepers Association, Inc., (CSBA) November 18 at their annual convention.


Ashurst, from Brawley,  is fourth generation beekeeper. He grew up in the business and loved it from the beginning. He learned at an early age the ins and outs of the business.


He first purchased bees in junior high school. His senior project involved bees. After graduating high school he bought out a local beekeeper. He knew he wanted to be a beekeeper and continued working towards that dream.


After growing his business and working with his family, Ashurst met his neighbor’s daughter, Carly. They have been married seven years and have 3 children.


Ashurst is a man of many hobbies. He is very active in his church. He plays drums on the Worship Team. One of his favorite scriptures is Proverbs 24:13, “Eat honey my son, for it is good, honey from the comb is sweet to your taste.”


Ashurst has won numerous races and two track championships in dirt stock car racing. He enjoys running and competes in local 5ks. He also bikes and has competed in many triathlons and finished a half ironman.


His family cheers him on in every hobby.


Ashurst contributes his success in life by keeping God first, family second, and then work and hobbies.


He is also very active in the CSBA.


“I was excited to get the award,” said Ashurst. “I saw my cousins get this award in the past and I always wanted to receive it. If you put in your time and do meaningful work for the CSBA, this how they reward your work. The truth is, Carly should get the award. She does most of the work for me and keeps things organized. She’s the main reason I am able to do all the stuff I do. It’s because of her support.”



  1. On second thought, how many Bee Keeper’s does this valley have? Sounds like they are just making awards up out of nothing these day’s.

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