Breaking News: Union Bank To Cease Services At Calexico Branch

Union Bank located at 128 E. Cole Road in Calexico will close its doors by the end of May

CALEXICO – Due to the shifting market conditions and customer preferences including an increasing use of technology to access banking needs, Union Bank has announced that its branch office in Calexico will cease their services by the end of May. The news spread rapidly through social media and was later confirmed with Union Bank’s communications department.

“The closure is in response to shifting market conditions and ongoing evolutions in customer preference,” said Tanya Peebles-Hill, Union Bank Vice President of Corporate Communications.

Today’s unexpected announcement was a shock considering Calexico Union Bank branch administrator Karina Bustos assured customers back in April 2015 that the branch had no plans to close their doors especially since contrary to other reports the bank was picking up business subsequent to other bank closures.

According to Peebles-Hill the Calexico branch will merge with the El Centro branch, located at 576 Main Street in El Centro.

“Our focus is on ensuring a smooth transition for our employees and our Calexico customers, who will receive the same exceptional service at our El Centro branch,” said Peebles-Hill.

According to Peebles-Hill the bank began notifying employees and customers this week and will begin to transfer accounts to the El Centro branch.

Union Bank is the fourth bank to close its doors following Rabobank, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America who all closed in 2015, leaving local residents and merchants with little to no options to conduct their banking needs in the city of Calexico.