Brawley’s Walmart holds grand reopening

Store manager Carmen Jacques shows items on display in the electronics department during Walmart’s grand reopening Saturday in Brawley.
Saturday, October 28, 2017

BRAWLEY — Brawley’s Walmart store welcomed customers Saturday, beginning at noon until 5 p.m., with snacks and drinks for the grand reopening of its newly-renovated department areas.

The actual ribbon cutting took place two weeks earlier, October 13 and was attended by officials from the city of Brawley, Chamber of Commerce and Walmart staff.

Store manager Carmen Jacques said four departments have been renovated and expanded to allow customers better examination of products prior to purchasing. The four departments, according to Jacques, who is known as “Yaya” by her staff and sales associates, were electronics, hardware, infants, and the stationery, fabrics, and crafts departments.

Jacques, the store manager in Brawley for five years, gave tours of the electronics department. Sales associates were stocking electronic items, responding to queries, or helping customers with their purchases.

“We are promoting the new area — electronics of the future — where customers can interact with the items, play with them, and ask questions about the product from sales associates,” she said.

The display area was well-lit and allowed customers a hands-on feel of electronic gadgets. It also featured waist-high tables illuminated with light panels stretching the entire length of each display table. On the light panels were logos of brand name tablets and laptop computers. Prices were placed directly under each product’s display.

Department manager Mario Lopez, who has been working with Walmart in Brawley for three years, worked along the aisle getting boxes of tools and placing them on the shelves. Much like in the electronics department, customers could also check and examine industrial and power tools.

Furthermore, Jacques said Walmart stores are promoting the use of Walmart Apps to help with shopping from the convenience of personal electronic gadgets.