Brawley’s ‘Hottest Business Event of the Year’ announced

Motivational speaker Dave the “Monster Motivator” Daley gears up to deliver a high octane presentation detailing the Brawley Chamber of Commerce’s July 31 business networking event.

BRAWLEY - On July 12, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce and motivational speaker Dave the “Monster Motivator” Daley announced an upcoming fast-paced networking event that has been dubbed ‘The Hottest business Event of the Year’ to be held July 31 at the Lions Center. The event is geared to motivate Brawley business owners, merchants and community members, organizers said.

“It’s important for us here at the Brawley Chamber that we take it serious to serve our members,” said Katie Luna, executive director of the Brawley Chamber of Commerce. “And this event is a representative of how we will do so by bringing opportunities for business members to come together to do some networking and to hear from some great speakers,” she added.

Brawley Councilmember George Nava highlighted the five key reasons he believes the public should attend the July 31 networking event:

  1. Expect to have a great time that is going to be guaranteed, because it’s a high energy environment and people are going to have a fantastic time.
  2. You should expect to meet over 100 contacts throughout Imperial County.
  3. You’ll have a chance to win up to $500. Of the registration fees, $1,000 will be raffled off to the participants.
  4. You’ll hear from experienced business leaders with great advice on building your business through hard work and the power of networking.
  5. An evening networking event will provide a chance to relax, unwind, and share some thoughts with fellow business leaders.

“Too often we are afraid to do just that, break a sweat,” Nava said. “We don’t leave the comfort of our own homes and offices during the summer because it’s too hot outside.”

“The goal of this event is to change that mindset,” he explained. “Instead of avoiding the heat, we want people to embrace the heat even if it’s just for one day to experience an event format that has not been seen here in Imperial County. We’re excited to bring a high energy event with great speakers and a networking format that is quite different from your regular mixer or business summit,” Nava continued.

Through networking, Nava was introduced to Daley, touted as one of the most unique and in-demand public speakers in Southern California.

For more than 20 years, Daley has been a successful entrepreneur and has built and sold three companies in three different industries.

“We will be featuring a few messages that day,” shared Daley, as he enumerated some of the points that will be addressed.

  1. Thank God for me. The start isn’t nearly as important as the finish.
  2. Leadership through motivation, inspiration, and perspiration. “I will break those down,” he said.
  3. Those dreaded fear barriers, as the ultimate bully. “My job is to teach you how to get your lunch money back from that bully.” The two golden fears are the fear of change and the fear of what other people think. We will help you break through any fear barrier with a four step process called the Bully Buster.

“You don’t make the rules and I don’t make the rules – life makes the rules,” Daley claimed. “Life says, ‘How bad do you want it and what are you willing to do to get it?’ If you can’t answer those two questions, life says, ‘We don’t care,’” concluded Daley.