Brawley’s Friday “Art Walk” Showcases Valley-Wide Talent


audri art walkBRAWLEY — Brawley’s first Friday Art Walk attracted dozens of culture aficionados making the show a big success for the young entrepreneurs who thought the idea up.

Erik Sanchez, the visionary behind the event, has taken the Imperial Valley’s local artists and brought them together for the entire community to enjoy.

What is the impetus behind this event? Sanchez points to his passion for art and its influence on his own life. The Brawley native’s time spent in art locales such as Phoenix and France has gained him a well-rounded eye for the value of various artistic styles.

Sanchez’s desire is to see the valley better celebrate the significance of the creative arts as well as recognize and encourage the aspiring artists here in the community.

“It’s all about having a good time and making people smile. I want everybody to come together,” said Sanchez.

The night was filled with live music and many eye-opening expressions of artistic talent.

Local artists were given the opportunity to showcase their skills as well, speaking with inquirers on the process and thinking behind their own personal pieces.  The “Walk” was kept lively as crowds perused the different galleries and enjoyed the live music.

Rob Wendell, a tattoo artist and owner of El Centro’s Black Lodge, was one of the many artists out demonstrating his love for the arts. Every Sunday he hosts a free-style drawing and painting rotation, assisted by a group of volunteers. These event boasts of a unique process where each artist contributes their distinctive style to a piece, resulting in a spontaneous collaboration of various creative projects by the end of the rotation.

Wendell welcomes and even encourages all aspiring artist to come out and participate. Events like the Art Walk help spread the word for artists to come together and enrich the community. Wendell expressed excitement for the prospect of bringing art to the center stage, saying, “It’s about time! This valley is rich in art culture. Its way past time to let it shine!”