Brawley’s First Fridays: a Chilly Night for Hot Art


BRAWLEY — Although it was a chilly night, Brawley’s First Fridays Art Walk kicked off the new year without a hitch Friday night with warm spirits and even hotter artwork.

All manner of artwork was on display in the alleyway and parking lot at 151 S. 6th Street with painting demonstrations, crafts, and live music. Food vendors sold tacos, nachos, hot chocolate, and homemade cookies for patron and artist alike.

“It’s cool to see the movement picking up,” said artist Adrian Martinez, one of the artists with his work on display at the art walk. “Everybody just comes together to put this on.”

Artist Randy Galvan works on a piece in acrylic Friday night.

“Art lets you paint your sadness away,” said artist Kimberly Alfaro. “It’s very therapeutic.”

In December, First Fridays had a bumpy start according to creator Randy Galvan, but this month, they received help from the creator of the El Centro Nights on Main Street, Kayla Dotson.

“We liked it and wanted to help out,” said Dotson, who was working the food stand with members of her own group from El Centro. “We just didn’t want it to stop.”

Both Dotson and Galvan hope to fill the parking lot with vendors and artists in the coming year. This is the third season of Brawley’s First Fridays, and Galvan has high hopes that it will grow for the remainder of 2017.

The next event will be held in the same location February 3.