Brawley Victory A “Cat’s Meow”



Bryce Alexander scoring on the last seconds of the 1st half
Bryce Alexander scoring on the last seconds of the 1st half

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Wildcats beat the visiting Palo Verde Yellow Jackets, 65-7, on a night the ‘Cats celebrated Homecoming “Roaring 20’s” style. In keeping with the theme, all words and phrases in “quotes” were those that originated in the ‘20’s.

The Brawley Wildcats “Fellas” were “Hitting on all Sixes” Friday evening on Homecoming Night at Warne Field. Their “Dogs were barking” by the end of the game as they amassed a whopping 445 yards rushing on 43 carries. They gave Palo Verde defense the “Heebie-Jeebies” as the Jackets were “Balled Up” all night. “Everything was Jake” when the final buzzer sounded as the score ended with the Wildcats on top 65-7.

The Yellow Jackets opened the game with possession on their own 25 yard line. After a big first down run of nine yards they were unable to move the ball on the next two plays. The “Swell” Wildcat defensive stance forced Palo Verde to punt when  Donavin Buck made a “Nifty” play and blocked the kick. Brawley recovered at the Yellow Jackets 13 yard line and Isaac Comparan “Hoofed” it in two plays later. Remington Campbell would be perfect on all extra points on the evening and it was 7-0 at 9:39 left in the first quarter.

Palo Verde was forced to punt after three plays on the next drive. They fared better on this punt as the Wildcats began at their own 37 yard line. Using a ten play drive and four minutes, Isaac Comparan again scored, this time from 10 yards out to extend the lead to 14-0.

The Wildcats defense had Palo Verde coaches yelling “Horsefeathers!” as they forced another punt. The punt put Brawley on its 35 yard line. On the second play the Yellow Jacket defense was heard shouting, “Ah, Applesauce!” as Homecoming King Bryce Alexander ran for a 59 yard TD run making a 21-0 lead.

Palo Verde established a bit of momentum as the game moved into the second quarter. On the first play of the second quarter, the Yellow Jackets achieved a first down and moved the ball to the Wildcat’s side of mid-field. Two plays later, “Horsefeathers!”, a fumble recovered by Brawley at their own 26 yard line shut down any thoughts of scoring on this drive.

The Wildcats took it down to the 7:14 mark of the second and punted it’s first of only two of the evening.

The Yellow Jackets defense had done a “Swell” job themselves, but they began their next drive at their own 6 yard line. Two plays later the Wildcats defense earned two points when a Palo Verde running back was tackled in the end zone. At 7:04 Brawley led 23-0 and received the ball on a free kick by Palo Verde.

Palo Verde defense forced another punt by the Wildcats but not after a drive of almost four minutes. The Yellow Jackets began at their 10 yard line as the Wildcats were winning the field possession game as well. Forcing another punt, the Wildcats began another scoring drive at the 2:40 point of the second quarter. Three run plays and a 37 yard drive found Isaac Comparan a third time in the end zone. The Wildcats lead was now 30-0 with 2:13 left until halftime.

Brawley had the ball again with :12 seconds left in the half after the Yellow Jackets drive sizzled at their 46. Bryce Alexander ran to the Palo Verde ten yard line then caught a short TD pass to end the half. It was 37-0.

After the halftime festivities were completed with Mia Adams crowned Homecoming Queen and the aforementioned Bryce Alexander king, the Wildcats looked to extend their lead immediately. On its second play, though, an interception by the Yellow Jackets found Palo Verde with the ball close to midfield. They drove the ball to the Wildcats 23 yard line and Brawley returned the favor with an interception of their own by Andrew Ortiz.

He took the ball from the Wildcat 15 to its own 41 at 9:58 left in the third quarter. One play later and 55 yards later it was Nico Aguirre getting an “Attaboy” with his first TD of the evening. It was now 44-0.

Palo Verde’s lone score came on the next drive. It lasted over five minutes and was comprised of fourteen run and pass plays. Jordan Velarde ran it in from 21 yards out to prevent any shut out from occurring. It was now 44-7 with 4:35 left in the third.

A failed onside attempt gave Brawley great field possession at its own 46. Six run plays later, Misael Soto ran in his first TD since the Coachella game in week 3. The lead was now 51-7 with a running clock less than two minutes away.

Palo Verde took their next possession into the fourth quarter forced to punt with 8:38 left in the game. The Wildcats used one play to score. The “Hard Boiled” running of Andrew Ortiz had him breaking loose for a 47 yard TD run for a 58-7 lead. Although this could have been the “Sockdollager” score of the evening, there would be one more left for the home town Brawley Wildcats.

Ortiz “ankled” the last TD of the evening from fifteen yards at the 2:57 mark of the fourth quarter. Brawley won their sixth game with the final score 65-7.

More “Attaboys” compliments must go out to the following players. Remington Campbell for being perfect on extra points, his great kickoffs and his play on defense where he has led the team in tackles at one point or another during the season.

Jacob Ordonez, the sophomore, has come out of nowhere since the beginning of the season. He has been the “Bee’s Knees” on defense and a standout this season with two more years left.

This was “Absolutely” a big win for the Wildcats, “And How”. This win improves their record to 6-2 for the season.

Next week it will be the Eagles at Southwest High in El Centro for the Brawley Wildcats. A win there could set up a big Bell Game in two weeks against the Central Spartans.

Both games are must win situations for the Wildcats to receive any chance of a home game for the playoffs.