Brawley police chief promotes Jesse Rotner to Sergeant



Newly pinned Sgt. Rotner with family and friends

(September 20, 2012. Brawley) Police Chief Mark Gillmore addressed the Brawley City Council Tuesday, September 18, at their regular meeting to inform them of the commissioning of Brawley Police Officer Jesse Rotner to Sergeant.

Rotner, in his sixth year with the Brawley Police Department, was joined by his family and fellow police officers as he received his new rank in the Special Pinning Ceremony.

Chief Gillmore first presented Janelle Rotner, Jesse’s wife, flowers for her support of her husband.

“For the past five and a half years, Jesse has exhibited dedication, hard work, and professionalism to the City of Brawley and to the citizens we serve,” said Gillmore. “The transition to officer is one of the most significant and sometimes difficult transitions an officer makes. In a one day, the new sergeant goes from being a peer officer to being the leader of that team. It is also one of the most rewarding positions an officer can attain. In Sergeant Rotner, I have seen uncompromised integrity. He is honest, truthful, and forthright. He is able to admit his shortcomings and he is hungry to better himself. Sergeant Rotner is a credit to the City, the Brawley Police Department, and his chosen profession, law enforcement. It is my distinct pleasure to promote Jesse Rotner to the rank of Sergeant.”


  1. When a complaint from a citizen alleges serious criminal wrongdoing against your officers, don’t “investigate” the complaint yourself. Establish a policy that requires the criminal investigation be conducted by an outside agency. I am surprised a bolt of lightning did not strike you when you uttered the word “integrity.”

  2. Why doesn’t the Desert Review tell us how much it has cost the citizens of Brawley to defend this man in federal court from allegations of brutality so severe the victim went to the hospital?
    It is very common for police chiefs to promote police who have harmed citizens. It is evidence of an administration that rewards dishonesty and brutality. Jesse Rotner was a liability as a cop. He will be a disaster as a supervisor. Thanks Gillmore.

    • Could you be more bias? You might have a valid message but when you can’t even represent that you have two brain cells to rub together to form an intelligent argument, your message only displays your ignorance. The hatred and prejudice you are displaying, Alice, make you a more egregious offender than anybody you’ve pointed a finger at.

  3. Jesse Rotner is so dedicated and passionate about law enforcement. Brawley is fortunate to have him as a sergeant.

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