Brawley PD to participate in victim awareness “Denim Day”




BRAWLEY – Brawley Police Chief Michael Crankshaw addressed the city council on the department’s participation in April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month Tuesday at their regular meeting.

“Officers who are willing to do so will be wearing jeans with their uniform shirts in support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month for Denim Day Friday, April 22,” said Crankshaw. “In 1999, a teenage girl in Italy was assaulted and raped by her driving instructor. The man was convicted, but the Supreme Court of Appeals in Rome overturned the conviction, arguing that the girl was wearing very tight jeans and had to help remove them, thereby consenting to the assault. The case made international headlines, and the young women’s jeans became a symbol of awareness that what someone wears is never an excuse for rape. Los Angeles Police Department and other community groups began supporting Denim Day. It is now a national campaign. If you see a police officer wearing jeans on Friday, it’s in support of this effort.”

Denim Day is a sexual violence prevention and education campaign.

“I want to thank Chief Crankshaw for keeping our department in the forefront on these campaigns,” said Brawley Mayor Donnie Wharton. “Especially for bringing forth the awareness and education on these type of topics.”

Although Denim Day is observed nationally April 27, locally, Sure Helpline and Crisis Center is asking that everyone wear jeans on April 22 in support of sexual survivors and to raise awareness about sexual assault misconceptions.

To contact the Sure Helpline and Crisis Center, call

24-Hour Crisis Intervention 760-352-7873

24-Hour Sexual Assault Support 760-352-7273