Brawley Mayor Sam Couchman’s Statement On Recent Earthquakes and Illegal Fireworks

Mayor Sam Couchman

“The smaller earthquakes make us nervous, but they don’t do much damage,” said Couchman. “Residents have reported a few broken items, but nothing major. Hopefully, it will quiet down shortly and get back to normal. The city is prepared if the activity escalates. We have people stationed at the city’s water supply to monitor the facility 24/7. We have a plan we can activate in the event of a major problem.”

“The rain didn’t help things and put a damper on the New Year’s Eve parties. Between the earthquakes and the rain, I think a lot of people stayed home.”

“Here in Brawley, we have come to accept a certain amount of fireworks on certain holidays, that being the fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, however I’m becoming very concerned about the amount of illegal fireworks and gunfire that we have in the city and the amount of times they go off, which seems like every evening. There is always the possibility of an injury from the gunfire, as well as property damage from the illegal fireworks, like a fire. We have laws. We will take steps to fine those in violation.”

“I plan to meet with the police department and the city manager about what steps we can take regarding the upswing in illegal fireworks. If it gets too far out of hand, we may have to ban everything.”