Brawley Elementary District approves budget for 2012 -2013



Brian O’Donnell is the new Barbara Worth Junior High principal

(Brawley) The Brawley Elementary School Board adopted the 2012-12 budget. The budget will run an unrestricted operational deficit of $-1,159,132 if the November initiative funding schools doesn’t pass.


Leslie Marshall, director of finances, reminded the board of last year’s roller coaster ride of being denied state funding and then eventually receiving the funds. They were told that certain bad economic triggers that would cut funding, yet despite the downturn the funds were restored to the district.


This year, Governor Brown has put an initiative on the November ballot to raise taxes on taxpayers with the biggest burden falling on the higher earners. With Proposition 30 passing, Governor Brown plans to fund education and public safety, without the passage, drastic cuts will be instituted.


The board voted 5-0 to support Proposition 30, also called the Local Public Safety Protection Act along with Proposition 38, Our Children Our Future: Local Schools and Early Education Investment Act.  This measure raises personal income taxes on most California taxpayers from 2013 through 2024. The revenues raised by this tax increase would be spent on public schools, child care and preschool programs, and state debt payments.




Superintendent Ron Garcia introduced Brian O’Donnell the new principal for Barbara Worth Junior High. The 6’5” principal spent last week on the junior high campus but didn’t officially start work until Tuesday. He comes from being a principal at North County Trade Technical High School of the Vista Unified School District.




“I am excited to be here,” O’Donnell said, “I am looking forward to getting to know the students and staff.”



  1. Oh, he will. You could not ask for a better principal. You are all very lucky to have him. Treat him well.

    Angie Woldman

  2. Garcia is making O’Donnells first month a little tough. Seems like Garcia and Panduro want that spot for a certian someone. Hmmmmmmm.

  3. what do their wives say about all of this? they have to know its all over this small gossipy little town. thats why garcia did not want his wife to move to brawley, panduro he just kept his away from here too. you can only hide things for so long…. things are about to bust out any day now.

  4. Why in the world would you give this man a raise? He has done nothing for our children! Board members stop and look at what your doing to our schools and to our children who have to go to our Brawley schools… I about a year we will be broke and we can think our school board memebers for allowing all this to go on. Make Mr Garcia do his job on his own and stop letting him pay everyone else to do his job for him..

    • Actually, the people doing the work are the Resource teachers and other staff. They don’t speak up because they know that if you speak against the administration on anything they’ll re-assign or demote you. And make sure you don’t flirt with “the Squeeze”. You won’t get any work if you do.

        • Panduro is the Player. His future stepson has some good material on him. You know there are things Panduro has done that merit dismissal. Garcia is just a lying, lazy jerk.

  5. wow!! what else is there to say. the old board did the right thing. they got rid of him, the new board is just doing what they promised to do in order to get elected. they and all of you just got duped by this man and this board. be careful what you wish for :-))
    by the way, yvonne and janet are you on the district insurance or still on your old insurance? after all you did not need it…you had your own teachers ins. right? just sayin!!!

  6. i just want to know why the desert review did not include this in their article about the school business, budget. why?? i think this will make alot of people angy. and it should.

  7. i think this deserves front page. supe gets 15000.00 raise in tough times. teachers get nothing…. oh wait we did an off schedule raise.
    he wins.
    i hope everyone is so proud of what they have allowed to happen at besd… we are in the worst shape ever.

    • i am not sure why it is not front page news. every other administrative raise has been on the front page. of course, i nor anyone i have asked feels sorry for any teacher. they got exactly what they asked for. so laura, if you are a teacher, you are just as much to blame as all the others. so suck it up and invite him to dinner…..

  8. this board is out of control. first they garcia a 5000.00 bonus and a 30000.00 buy in for him to come back and now a 15000.00 raise on top of all of that. that is a 33% raise in 6 months. what has he done. he has hired nothing but consultants to do his job. he never has a straight answer for you. why?? because he does not know. shame on you board for sneaking this in… oh wait, beta is probably behind this big raise for their man!!!! after all this is what they wanted…

  9. Been around Garcia a couple of times. Usually get answered with a lie or a I will get back to you on that……..Panduro has let some people go based on straight out lies that will be proven and he has the little gig going with a co-workder. The son of the co-worker involve with Panduro is basically picking his hours and appointments. What a novela we have going at BESD.

  10. That is the most undeserving raise in the history of Public Schooling. Seriously hope this is his last year in Brawley, hoping he takes Panduro with him.

    • Oh, he will. You could not ask for a better principal. You are all very lucky to have him. Treat him well.

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