Brawley Downtown Rocks with Mariachi Tradition


Mariachi Night


BRAWLEY – Delicious aromas, live music, and a full moon set the tone for this year’s Mariachi Night in downtown Brawley.

Wednesday night, local residents lined Main Street hundreds deep to enjoy this joyous and rich tradition for Cattle Call week.

Fidenzio Tapia, a long time Brawley resident, has attended Mariachi Night as long as he can remember. He called it a “family tradition” that he enjoys every year. Mr. Tapia also expressed, “its free, we can come and watch, and let the kids run around.”

The event, started in 1984, celebrated its 30th birthday. The festivity has been an important part of the Brawley tradition ever since.

Last year, it was estimated 8,000 people visited, according to Executive Director Jason Zara of the Brawley Chamber of Commerce, and they were expecting to see just as many people this year, if not more.

Over 20 venders showed for the festivities to feed the hungry crowds selling kettle corn, corn on the cob, shaved ice, souvenirs, Mexican food, and even hosting a beer garden.

Zara was enthusiastic about this year’s events saying, “There’s a lot of growth going on in Brawley right now. We are trying to promote that growth in business and the community.” He also gave credit to the many volunteers that makeup the Brawley Cattle Call Committee and their efforts for creating the successful events happening this week.

However, the main focus of the night’s event were the performers and the Mariachi group, “Mariachi Calafia”, and the beautiful Folklorico dancing performed by the Hidalgo Society.

People wishing to perform were urged to sign up prior to the event online, on Facebook, and then sign in with Max Reyes, chair of the event, before walking on stage. Songs chosen by the performers  were only limited to what the Mariachi knew and could play.

Eric Reyes, co-chair with his brother Max Reyes, said, “It’s an opportunity to get the public involved, celebrate the Mexican culture, and sing songs that they remembered hearing growing up.”


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