Brawley Council supports Miguel Miranda ‘El Amigo de la Comunidad’ Stage at Hinojosa Park



BRAWLEY — The Brawley City Council took action Oct. 17 to support building a stage in Hinojosa Park and dedicating the improvement to a former council member and community leader, the late Miguel Miranda. The project is being called the Miguel Miranda “El Amigo de la Comunidad” Community Stage.

Eric Reyes, spokesperson for the city’s Ad Hoc Committee, presented plans to build a stage and concrete dance floor at the base of the water tower and eventually take down the water tank and remove the support legs down to the first level. They would then build a permanent shade structure using the bottom supports.

Reyes said using the existing site of the water tower would preserve a piece of the city’s local history and the committee plans to work closely with the city during the project.

The project will be totally funded by donations and performed in phases as funds come in, he explained. Plans for the removal of the water tank has been in place for a while, but officials said other more important projects are lined up before the tank removal can happen.

Reyes said the approval of the council is of the utmost importance to be able to get donations for the project enabling funds to be given to a viable, council-approved project.

According to Reyes, the project has already raised about $25,000. The first phase will be to pour the concrete floor under the tower and build a stage. The total project is expected to cost approximately $70,000.

“Hinojosa Park is used regularly for many community events,” said Reyes. “We want to honor our friend, former council member, and community leader, the late Miguel Miranda.”