Brawley City Manager gets 3 year contract

Brawley City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore


BRAWLEY – At their regular meeting of June 3, 2014, the Brawley City Council voted to add a Second Agreement to the contract of Brawley City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore.

This agreement between the City of Brawley and Moore extends her employment with the City of Brawley until September 12, 2017.

Moore was hired August 23, 2011.

The Council has been doing a performance evaluation on Moore for the past few weeks.

City attorney Dennis Morita said, “In connection with the performance evaluation of the City Manager, the Council met and there is an amendment to extend her contract for 3 years. In her previous contract, she agreed to pay a portion of her retirement. Other City employees that had done the same received a bump in their compensation, but she had not. Council has righted that. She will receive what other employees are receiving. Also, there was not a clause in the earlier agreement on the City Manager side as far as notice of termination. The agreement now provides for a 30 day notice in that circumstance.”

The City of Brawley has had some major issues that have tested the City services in the past 2 years such as a major earthquake, a rash of arsons, and an economic downturn that involved the State of California dissolving the Redevelopment Agency.

Council Member Donald Wharton said, “In the performance evaluation, we did take a look at the progress we have been able to make within the City during some of the challenges we’ve experienced. Much of this progress we tie to Rosanna’s leadership in the City Manager position.”

Other Council Members echoed positive remarks on the performance of Moore.

Mayor Don Campbell said, “The City of Brawley had been operating without a balanced budget for a number of years prior to our hiring of Rosanna. For the last couple of years, we have had a balanced budget. We have done this while still being able to carry on with a number of improvement projects throughout the City.”

“I’m really looking forward to the next 3 years with the City of Brawley,” said Moore. “I’m hoping to have the chance to take on some very important initiatives under the direction of the Council that include promoting economic development and revitalization of downtown Brawley.”