Brawley City Council reduces impact fees for 5 Crowns, Inc.




BRAWLEY – The Brawley City Council voted to reduce the industrial development impact fees for building improvements done by 5 Crowns, Inc. Tuesday at their regular meeting.


September 11, 2014, 5 Crowns, Inc. was issued a building permit to enclose a 13,580 square foot shade structure with a wall and to add a 6,640 square foot shade structure to the south of it.


Fees totaling $39,118.63 were paid at the time of the issuance of the permit, of which $23,701.07 was the impact fees.


In 1998 when the 13,580 SF shade area to be enclosed was built, no fees were assessed in the building permit. This was by council action.


September 17, 2014, 5 Crowns Vice President of Marketing Kelly Stickland sent a letter to the city requesting a reduction of the fees due to the lack of further impact on the community for the new construction.


City staff reviewed the fees and suggested that there may be a reduction of $4,604.11 considered for improvements made to 9th Street and Wildcat Drive.


“It’s hard to waive impact fees like this when the city is struggling financially,” said Mayor Don Campbell. “We want to work with businesses in Brawley in any way we can.”


City Attorney Bill Smerdon advised the council that they had in their authority to make any kind of reduction in impact fees that they deemed appropriate.


Councilman Donnie Wharton suggested the reduction of the impact fees by half.


“I think is a very reasonable request,” said Wharton. “This is really just an alteration of existing construction.”


“This council has been working hard to be more business friendly,” said Councilman George Nava.


After much discussion, the council came to the conclusion that the impact fees would be cut in half to $11,850.54. This includes a credit of $4,604.11 for payment in lieu of transportation improvements and a further credit of $7,246.43.