Brawley Cattle Call Queen contest on hiatus

2016 Cattle Call Queens

BRAWLEY — The time-honored tradition of the Cattle Call Rodeo Queen contest will be on hiatus this season as the competition is transferred from the Brawley Chamber of Commerce to its own non-profit entity called the Brawley Cattle Call Queen Royalty Association. Members of the Royalty Association will work through the 2017 contest season to complete the formalization process to establish it as a non-profit. Earlier this year, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce agreed to transition the contest to its own entity following decades of administration by the chamber.

“The Brawley Chamber of Commerce is committed to honoring our traditions and supporting our local competitors. As of this year, the decision was made by the Chamber board to establish the BCCQ Royalty Association with the hopes that the contest can begin to flourish as its own entity,” said Katie Luna, executive director for the Chamber. “The Chamber has served the contest for 60 years and understands that for the contest to flourish, it needs to evolve like the other contests around the state and country.”

Tracy Cox, president of the BCCQ Royalty Association, is serving the contest for the third year.

“It’s important to remember that this contest is rigorous for our young ladies that ride,” Cox said. “It’s not just pageantry, it’s also horsemanship knowledge and riding skills that are put to the test. Our Queen is then contractually bound to make appearances.”

The contest, similar to those around the state, requires the contestants to give a speech in front of a crowd, interview with judges one-on-one, and ride specified patterns on horseback.

“If we want this to be a serious competition with our local riders, we need to revamp the contest. This lull period will help us set the goals and standards that we want to see for the competition,” said Cox.

The contest will officially resume in January of 2018 under the umbrella of the Brawley Cattle Call Queen Royalty Association. Contestants are encouraged to practice their riding skills and speeches until then.


  1. The change is necessary because the queen contest has been dying a slow death for years and they are looking for anything that might spark it back to life…pretty much a grasping at straws situation.

  2. From the article it isn’t clear to me why this change is necessary. How about a little more in depth reporting? Your becoming dangerously close to the irrelevance of the reporting at the Imperial Valley Press or whatever their name du jour is.

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