Brandon Emmett Continues Grappling Ride

(L-R) Pablo Renteria, Joshua Lopez, Brandon Emmett and Marcos Navarro take a quick break from training at Calexico’s R&R Boxing Club.

Brandon Emmett may be new in the sport of submission grappling, but that has not prevented the young grappler from shying away from a challenge.

Emmett, who has competed in Grappling tournaments in Las Vegas, San Diego and Northern California had hoped to continue his run this weekend’s NAGA tournament, but was unable to compete.

Along with trainer and accomplished grappler Marcos Andrew Navarro in his corner, Emmett hopes to continue his run of success in grappling.

“I could not achieve what I’ve been achieving without Marcos Andrew Navarro.  He has taught me a lot of beneficial things in life and in martial arts,” said Emmett of his trainer and mentor.

Navarro’s entry into the coaching aspect of grappling has been a fun ride for the former Imperial High graduate and resident.  He now has the opportunity to coach against some of the top-level Jiu-Jitsu coaches and notable teams from around the world.

In Navarro’s short time in Emmett’s corner, the duo has already met competitors cornered by Jiu-Jitsu world champion, Vinny Magalhaes, and grapplers from former MMA world Champion Gilbert Melendez’s El Nino Training Center.

“It’s been an opportunity to challenge myself as a person, to grow as a person, and open a new door in the Martial Arts World. Coaching Brandon, and giving the young man an opportunity to become known world wide, it’s all been a blessing,” said Marcos Andrew Navarro of working with Emmett.

Along with the various grappling tournaments where Emmett competed, he and Navarro are hoping for an opportunity to compete at this year’s UFC Fan Expo Grappling Contest taking place in July in Las Vegas the weekend of UFC 189.