Boundless Imagination Kicks off at IVC


IMPERIAL- The new exhibit at the Juanita Lowe Art Gallery, “Boundless Imagination: Abstraction Revised,” has opened at Imperial Valley College with abstract pieces filled with color by two artists Paula Izydorek and Jack Reilly.

This is the first time Izydorek has had her work featured at IVC and was thrilled.  Reilly regrettably was unable to attend.

For visiting students and teachers Izydorek gave a tour and talk about the works she had on display in the gallery.  She also answered any questions they had even asking a few questions of the students herself.

All of the works by Izydorek on acrylic inks stained on birch wood.  Reily’s are also acrylics with mixed canvas.

Izydorek stated that she got started with her acrylics and wood when she became a mother.  Oil paints are not considered healthy for a pregnant woman to use and per her doctor’s suggestion stopped using them in her work.  Izydorek eventually started looking at acrylic paints that her friend had along with pieces of wood she had at home.  Combining the two mediums led to the mix of works on display at the Juanita Lowe Gallery.

“I just love it, I just love staining the wood,” said Izydorek and when asked about her current works. She added, “We’ll see where we go from here, it’s all part of the process.”

Izydorek explained that her inspirations come from the world around her and materials she is working with.  Several of her works on display are made with different color pallets inspired by the sky.