BESD closer to implementing Common Core Standards

Casey Kline with parents Carol and Doug Kline, and grandparents.

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Elementary School Board honored students of the month, held public hearings on upcoming staff contracts, and approved Common Core funding implementation Tuesday night at the district meeting.


Seventh grade students of the month honored were Hannah Noel and Casey Kline.


11-14-2013 2
Hannah Noel with parents and Barbara Worth Vice Principal Andy Burnett and Principal Terri Mason

Hannah, with a 3.7 g.p.a., loves her hands-on science experiments, plans on attending BUHS, and desires a career in fashion design.


Casey, 12 years old with a 3.86 g.p.a., loves sports and plays baseball, basketball and football. He likes his applied mathematics class especially building mousetrap cars and robotics. His first career choice is to play pro football, with engineering his fallback position. He plans on obtaining straight A’s at BUHS so he can attend either Stanford or Notre Dame.


Trustee Janet Sandoval said the School Configuration and Realignment Committee has one more meeting before announcing their recommendations. That meeting will be Wednesday, November 20th, at 6:00 p.m. at the Learning Center.


The board approved expenditures of $761,000 to implement the Common Core State Standards which will be spent on teacher training, 178 computers and/or equipment for the 5 school sites, and five sets of Dell mobile computers and carts for all five sites.


The State of California allotted these funds to school districts so they could make the necessary purchases and training for transforming the teaching and testing mandated by Common Core changes.


Discussion concerning Superintendent Ron Garcia’s request to change the Personnel Report to show only new hires and dismissals and not personnel overtime was contested by the Union representatives. They desired to know which employees were getting extra hours,.


Garcia remarked that adding staff’s overtime was time consuming and with the extra training for Common Core would keep the list long and work extensive. Trustee Yvonne Burns agreed.  Burns said, “I don’t need to know that 50 people are doing all this work, but I do want to know new hires and resignations. I support his (Garcia’s) recommendation, especially if it saves staff work.”


Since it was a discussion item, no action was taken.





  1. burns you are not doing your job. what do you care about new hires and resignations?? you need to be taking care of all business at this distrist.. she always agrees with garcia. but of course the rest of the board does not stand up to him either. why??????? overtime should always be checked. its the boards responsibility to do that. this is public funds people. come on. some may be claiming it and not even working overtime. nepotism is rampid in this district. its the worst i have ever seen, and i have seen alot. sad for besd…

    • This district is no longer concern “What is best for the students,” but what is best for the administration each with their own personal secretary, I hear. Sad

  2. what is this man doing?? the board might as well go home, they are not in control any more. he is appointing staff to positions they have not even applied for?? what is going on. i hope that all of you that wanted him back are happy, he is bringing down our district and making us the laughing stock of the valley. alot of people are amused by what this board is allowing him to do. he is collecting mileage and a car allowance at the same time. he is taking , taking taking. with no accountability. and now no account for overtime. its public right to know who and how much overtime is being given out. how much over time is he paying himself??? he is salary and should receive none, but i curious… what is he hiding. ovetime is on a computer. it a matter of hitting print. they have to be paid for it so how is it so hard to print a copy to present to the public. ?????
    insider, its time to hold him accountable??

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