Ben Hulse Elementary PTO scares up a good time at carnival

Desmond Duarte dresses up as a young Frankenstein.

IMPERIAL – Students of Ben Hulse Elementary and surrounding Imperial schools waited in anticipation Saturday for the annual Halloween and Fall Festival for a frightfully good time with classmates and friends.

The booths, haunted house, enough candy to rot Dracula’s fangs, and a few costumes on the playground made for a spooktacular event that would make any werewolf admit he was having a howling good time.

The Ben Hulse PTO came together again this year to make their Halloween carnival a success, as parents relaxed and made sure their little princesses, minions, and superheroes were safe in familiar surroundings and among friends.

Kids surprised unsuspecting classmates with their costumes and creativity, as parents helped children with their costume accessories and stood in line at the food booths.

The carnival hosted a Haunted House for anyone willing to face the long line of brave, cautious, and curious little goblins willing to face their fears and a possible scare to claim bragging rights back in class on Monday. The screams coming from within were bloodcurdling and it added to the excitement and anticipation. For the less brave, there were plenty of game booths for the junior ghouls, and parents and children had food booths to choose from with reasonable prices that did not require pawning the family hearse to get a snack.

Imperial natives and Ben Hulse students Jameson, Sophia, and Addison said they thought the carnival was “awesome” and could not wait to get inside the Haunted House. Their enjoyment and excitement for the carnival was palpable as they described going into the Haunted House. “It wasn’t scary.”

Addison’s mother, Monica, said the kids had anxiously looked forward to the carnival. “All day long they’ve been driving me insane,” she admitted. “It kind of breaks them from the whole school thing routine and monotony of everything, so it’s fun to be out and see their classmates in a different type of atmosphere here at the school.”

“You’re in a smaller confined area, you have a meeting point, and everyone meet there, you know all the teachers and they know the kids,” Monica said of the safe atmosphere.

Mary Jane Souza of Imperial brought Jaylene, Jayla, Emilio, and Gabby to the event for their second year. Mary Jane also expressed that they all had been looking forward to the carnival all day and were looking forward to going inside the haunted house.

“I think this is safe and I think it’s good,” said Souza. “I’m still going to take them out throughout the neighborhood after.”

Five-year-old Temo Ortega of Imperial and his mother, Dulce, were back for their second year. Temo’s favorite part of the carnival was the games, and he said he was looking forward to the haunted house. “I like it, it’s well organized and the booths are not that expensive. I think it works out, we are going to come here every year,” his mother said.