“Being wrong is easy”


I can count on one hand the number of things that hurt more than the Tuesday night election results.

It’s not just that I was wrong.

Being wrong is easy.

I am sorry for any false hope that I offered the electorate. It’s not just the Presidency or Prop 30, Prop 32, Prop 37, Prop 39 or Measure S. It is the realization that I no longer recognize my own country.

It is fear of loss.

Loss of the American dream. Loss of American exceptionalism. Loss of American values.

And of most importance, the global chaos that will follow once the afforementioned come to fruition.

Post election, it is very hard for me to put one foot in front of the other. I will do it again tomorrow because we must keep working forward.

I hurt. I am afraid. That will not stop me from working forward.

If we work together, we have hope of saving our country from the same fall suffered by every empire throughout history. It is a fools hope. I know. But after a majority of the electorate chose self servitude above selfless service, hope and work are all we have.

Kevin Hickingbottom.


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