Battle Lines



Just got back from Promise Keepers (PK) in Phoenix and it was awesome. The men I attended with were great too. The theme this year was “Battle Lines” and we all became more adept at being “soldiers for the cross.”


PK is a ministry to encourage and arm men for spiritual activity, support and battle. Sorry you missed it, but it is OK. You may not belong because it was not for wimps or whiners.


Many men wanted to go, but had other duties to attend. Other warriors had good excuses, but they have already signed up for next year.

Many of you did not know about it, but those of you who did, and didn’t go, how was your weekend? I hope it was well. Mine was amazing.


I know different strokes for different folks and we live in a diverse society. If you don’t like excellent teaching of the Word, humor, conviction, or getting a taste of heaven—it was not for you. There were thousands of men in attendance and we all left, high on the Holy Spirit, with a renewed commitment to the Christian faith, church and our families.


A battle is going on! If you don’t know that, you probably have surrendered to the enemy and are waiting somewhere as a “prisoner of war.” There are battles going on about marriage, our religious faith, and for the spiritual/emotional well being of our families. I don’t have to mention the thousands still battling against abortion coming to the valley of the Son.


We will not quit, and victory is already in our future, but we are called to stand up and stand fast for Christ and His will. Although you missed the buffet the PK provided, I brought you some leftovers.


Men are under attack, but remember, it is not how you start but how you finish. Remember it was a young shepherd boy who took down Goliath. What is your Goliath? Is it a troubled marriage? Financial chaos? Porn? Addiction? It is not over, and God will not leave you where you are, if you seek His will and His way!


Remember Moses, also a shepherd at the time, kicked Pharaoh’s rear. The list goes on. We heard about many men who became majors and kings in God’s army.


The all-star cast of preachers gave many gifts and we also got a free book, The First Hour For Men by Mark Koch. He wasn’t a preacher, but a movie producer (“Lost in Space”) whose message was give God your first fruits of the day (the first hour), and you will experience an amazing transformation.


Would you like to be the “Biggest Loser” of pain, frustration, fear and chaos in your life? It can occur in 30 days of basic training in the Messiah’s militia.


We also heard messages of restoration from Darryl Strawberry, the outstanding baseball player who was taken down by drugs and alcohol. There was also Coach McCarthy, who led the college football Colorado Buffalos to a national championship. He talked about leadership.


Comedian Brad Stine helped us laugh at ourselves and the way our society has become. There was much more in the buffet of battling, but no man left unchanged, and some were changed forever.


I don’t know when the next PK or men’s conference is happening, but we have new recruits going next year. If you hear of a good conference, please draft me and I will try not to defer. Fellowshipping with men is both fun and fundamental to growth in the church, strengthening your spiritual power and organizing the battle lines in a dying world. If you don’t make it, it is OK to rest, but not to retreat!