‘Battle for E.C.’ Sees Southwest Claim Big Win over Central

Justin Cordova (#3) gets a big gain for the Eagles early in the game.
Tyler Saikhon (#3) gets a big gain for the Eagles early in the game.

EL CENTRO – The Central Spartans hosted the Southwest Eagles on October 7 for the first league game of the season, known to many as the “City Championship.” With a domineering victory over the Spartans, the Southwest Eagles kept their undefeated record with a final score of 35 to 6.

From the start of the first quarter, Southwest proved ready to play, ultimately taking a huge three-touchdown lead over the Spartans. Scoring the first touchdown of the night was Tyler Saikhon (#3) as he caught a perfect pass from quarterback Cameron Jungers (#5).

In their first possession, the Spartans struggled on offense as the Eagle’s defense shut them down. The Eagles were soon on the offensive again, handing the ball to Justin Cordova (#11) who ran up the field to score, giving the Eagles their second touchdown of the night. Cordova rushed for a total of 136 yards on 20 carries, while scoring two touchdowns for his team in the League opener.

In the second quarter, the El Central Spartans picked up the pace on offense with impressive runs by quarterback Ricky Guzman (#30), who put his team in Eagle territory for the first time of the night. However, their success would be short-lived, the Eagles defense stiffened to stop the Spartans before reaching field goal range.

With the Eagles back on offense, Central defense stood tall, showing strength for the first time in the game. The Spartans shut down the Eagles’ push, forcing Southwest to punt.  The Eagles’ defense held strong and Central offense still couldn’t manage their way down the field.

Before the end of the first half, Southwest was able to find their groove on offense again as Jungers connected with Saikhon for the last touchdown of the half, giving the Eagles a 28 to 0 lead going into intermission.

dsc03905The Eagles received but were unsuccessful on their first drive of the half. Likewise, the Spartans had no success in offense, resulting in both teams failing to put up points in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the Eagles put up another touchdown by Saikhon, his third of the night.

With the threat of a total shutout looming nearer, the Spartan’s chances of scoring was narrowing. Yet on the Spartan’s next set of downs, the offense made something happen. Brandon Gutierrez (#34) took the ball and scored their only touchdown of the night.

After Central missed the extra point, the final score of the game was 35 to 6.

With this win, the Eagles will move on to play Brawley, October 17 at Warne Field, to try and keep their perfect record. Both Brawley and Southwest go into the battle undefeated in league.

The El Centro Spartans will have to bounce back from this loss for their next away conference game on October 17 against the Imperial Tigers. The Tigers remain undefeated in League play winning Friday night’s battle against Calexico.