Simón Silva

Simón Silva

SACRAMENTO — The California Latino Legislative Caucus announced Monday, May 3, the names of their 2021 Latino Spirit Awards, and Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) is proud to congratulate Imperial Valley’s Simón Silva for receiving the Achievement in the Arts award.

“I am incredibly proud to recognize the achievements of Simón Silva, whose artwork is deeply rooted by his experience growing up in Imperial Valley. Simón Silva has used his mastery of visual arts to celebrate our vibrant immigrant culture and educate others with vivid stories of farmworker families,” said Garcia. “Every year, the Latino Spirit Awards allows us to spotlight the achievements of Latinos in various industries who have emerged as changemakers or role models in California. I have been hoping to have my Latino Caucus colleagues award Simón Silva for some time, and I am grateful for this opportunity to honor one of our own Imperial Valley heroes.”

The Latino Spirit Awards were established in 2002 at the State Capitol in Sacramento to coincide with the State’s acknowledgment of Cinco de Mayo and to highlight positive role models in the community. Every year, the California Latino Legislative Caucus honors Latinos and Latinas in various categories that range from athletics to public service and human rights. 

Simón Silva Biography provided by Latino Spirit Awards:

Simón Silva is a distinguished artist, acclaimed speaker, and celebrated author who champions the way for a society filled with confident, creative, and critical thinkers equipped with the 21st century skills necessary to better the world. Born in Mexicali, Mexico and raised in the Imperial Valley as a migrant field worker — Silva used his challenging childhood and harsh working conditions as inspiration to pursue a better life. Despite the odds not being in his favor, Silva graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the ArtCenter College of Design.

Silva’s renowned artwork has become a global sensation; and beautifully complements his message of hope, perseverance, and individuality. Silva enjoys traveling the country sharing how to “Cultivate a Creative Mind” at his in-demand workshops and keynotes; inspiring others to overcome their obstacles, embrace their individuality, which (Silva discovered firsthand) is their greatest asset, and regain their creative confidence.

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