REEL SCENES - Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

One more movie and it will be the end of the Quentin Tarantino movie legacy, but for now we get to enjoy his ninth feature film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

When I walked into the theatre at 9 p.m. and left at midnight, I remembered what sitting through a Tarantino movie meant and that is PATIENCE!

Brad Pitt plays struggling stunt actor Cliff Booth and Leonardo DiCaprio is movie star Rick Dalton on the verge of losing his acting career in the late ’60s. On the other spectrum, you see Sharon Tate, portrayed by Margot Robbie, living a glamorous life as a Hollywood actress alongside her husband and famous director Roman Polanski, portrayed by Rafal Zawierucha.

I am very familiar with what occurred on the Cielo Drive murders the night of August 19, 1969, so of course, I mostly waited to see how Tarantino would bring Sharon Tate’s infamous murder to life, however, I ended up in tears … in a happy way.

Both Booth and Dalton do not live ideally, as Hollywood is shifting to a new way of directing movies, actors known for a specific role are slowly losing the dynamic they had, and directors do not seem interested in them anymore, so Dalton goes through his own crisis as he is rejected role after role.

Because you can’t think of Sharon Tate without thinking of the Charles Manson murders, Tarantino takes us to the dark side. I think a big topic that tarnished the hippie decade was the Manson murders, and there’s the unfortunate anticipation that “Of course, Tate is not going make it out of this one, but how will he do it?!”

Margot Robbie’s portrayal as Sharon Tate was simply outstanding. Tarantino again impressed me with the soundtrack; that is something I always look forward to when watching his movies. The visuals were impressive although the absence of editor Sally Menke was definitely missing, again, R.I.P. LEGEND!

If you decide to watch this movie, be patient! Tarantino is known for implementing a good dialogue between characters and shifting to a random action-packed scene all in one, but you also get a similar, alternate ending as in “Inglourious Basterds” (I’m trying not to spoil the film for you guys).

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Jim Shinn

I too enjoyed the movie and Stephanie is right, be patient! The movie begins with some western themes in Dalton's career, and the western metaphor is woven throughout the film. Again, once upon a time in Hollywood. H-Wood is all about westerns. The film ends with a midnight showdown which was done in great Terantino fashion. Check it out. One of the best films to see this summer. If you don't like violence, you will less impressed, but entertained nonetheless.

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