Musical! The Bard is Back!

MALLORY WATSON (skillfully portrayed by Imperial High's Natalie Lopez) delivers a horrendous solo during auditions eliminating her from landing the lead role of Juliet in Musical! The Bard is Back! at St. Mary's multipurpose room July 27. 

EL CENTRO — In conjunction with the Mostly Theatre Company, St. Mary’s Church in El Centro held two viewings of Musical! The Bard is Back! July 26–27 where roughly 70 theatergoers filled the seats of the campus’ multi-purpose room.

Fresh popcorn and snacks were available before the show.

The cast, directed by Trevor Drury, performed various acapella solos, duets, and selections with piano accompaniment.

Much of the storyline and plot build-up was revealed by the selections sang throughout the performance along with underlying themes that connect with modern social issues.

At the onset of the musical, one of the main themes was overcoming fear; despite the reluctance to perform a musical fearing a curse, Mrs. Donahue was catapulted into a scenario beyond her control.

Patrick was afraid of getting caught participating in a musical by his football coach, and Lindsey was too timid to try out for the play.

After various hurdles and curveballs throughout the musical Mrs. Donahue, Patrick, and Lindsey found a way to turn fear into courage and success.

Another apparent theme in Musical! The Bard is Back! is being process-driven versus outcome-driven.

Marge Watson, Mallory’s mom, was so outcome-driven that she was willing to do anything to help her daughter get the lead role of Juliet (even lie, cheat, and steal). When disaster struck, it did not pay off to cut corners while the process-driven Lindsey ended up on top.

A main theme in the musical was finding success even in the face of looming failure. After Edna mixed up Romeo and Juliet with Rodeo and Lariat,the cast was outfitted in rodeo-themed attire.

With no time to make new costumes and a balcony that was disproportionately erected to four feet high, Mrs. Donahue and the students “ruined the masterpiece,” according to the playwright and superintendent’s wife, Winnifred.

But then, Principal Sanders stormed in and notified Mrs. Donahue and the students that the spectators and superintendent thought it was a brilliant success; from the cowboy costumes, three Juliets, unexpected cameo by Coach-io, to the mini balcony and the cult stage crew (Duct Tape squad) doing every dance from the Floss to the macarena.

Composed of local actors ranging from 14-year-old high school students to experienced 22-year-old performers, Musical! The Bard is Back! is an innocent and entertaining musical which utilizes a classic play within a play (Romeo and Juliet) to address every day and modern life issues.

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