Hidalgo Society Fathers Days Celebration

LOS CARITAS plays for guests who came out to have fun and celebrate Father's Day. 

BRAWLEY The Hidalgo Society of Brawley hosted a Father’s Day celebration on June 15 for an evening of food, dancing, and music.

The event started a 6:30 p.m. and was held at the Hidalgo Hall on south Cesar Chavez Street in Brawley.

Arriving guests were welcomed with classic Latin music from local Brawley musicians Manual Padilla y Los Caritas.

“It was a great time playing for these families who came out to celebrate their fathers, and as a father myself, I’m honored that I was able to perform for these families as well as mine own, who was also in attendance,” said Padilla.

“The music was great and I’m blessed I got to spend the evening here with my family as we celebrate Father’s Day,” said attendee Raul Rodriguez.

The night shifted away from Latin music as the Continentals took the stage; the band played their twist on classic rock n roll songs from the 70s and 80s. After, a member from Los Caritas sang with the Continentals.

“Coming to this event was a great way for my wife and I to celebrate Father’s Day in a new and fun way as we danced and laughed together,” said guest Michael Lopez.

As the evening wound down, guests were treated to mariachi-style music by Los Caritas. The two musicians playing guitar walked table to table to play for each of the families, giving them their own personal serenade.

For those in the Imperial Valley who don’t know about the Hidalgo Society, its mission is to preserve the Hispanic heritage that encompasses Imperial Valley communities. It also strives to support the community with events such as this one, as well as local youth by giving scholarships to those attending college.

The evening ended with a raffle to give the fathers in attendance a chance to win a Father’s Day gift from the Hidalgo Society.

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