Joey Medina's cinco de mayo comedy show

COMEDIANS (left to right) Drew Marks, Joey Medina, and Felize Jayson ready to perform at Ricochet Friday, May 3. 

IMPERIAL — Comedian Joey Medina performed his Cinco De Mayo comedy show Friday, May 3, at Ricochet. Friends and comedians Drew Marks and Felize Jayson also performed and welcomed Medina for the second time as he traveled across the country.

Jayson began the comedy show by making the audience laugh at her unfortunate adventures with men and being over the age of 25.

Marks joked around and walked through the audience to ask questions. Marks had never been to the Imperial Valley and began with an anecdote about that.

“El Centro is Spanish for ‘middle’ and when my team asked me to travel four hours in the desert I knew I was traveling to the middle, but I didn’t realize it was the middle of nowhere,” Marks said.

Marks thanked Medina for headlining the show and astounding the crowd. A couple of members from the audience offered free alcohol to Medina, and he acknowledged the local bartenders for their exquisite drink making.

“I’ve been around the world, but you guys really know how to prepare your drinks,” Medina said, “they’re very strong.”

Medina is a well-known comedian who has appeared in Paramount Pictures’ “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy” with Cheech Marin, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez, and Alex Reymundo. According to Latin Style Magazine, “Medina is one of the few comedians that can bridge together urban with mainstream comedy to make his style a hit throughout the country.”

Fans celebrated with Medina after the show and bought accessory props he includes in his shows such as the infamous fly swatter he sells to help kills flies in impoverished countries, and shirts he sells with the logo “I lost 600 pounds with the Joey Medina System.”

“It was a great show,” said Anthony Villagrana, “I’m proud to be able to see a well-known comedian and I don’t mind he put me on the spot … it’s great [Medina] traveled all this way to make shows for the local crowd.”

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