2019 dove

THE 2019 dove season commenced September 1, kicking off the upland game hunting season.   

EL CENTRO — After the feathers have settled on the 2019 opening day dove hunt and upland game season is upon us, a great way to enjoy the fruits of the hunt is to hit the kitchen or barbecue grill. Aside from the traditional bacon-wrapped breast meat or carne asada-style dove tacos, a chicken-fried dove recipe may be an idea to dabble with for a change of flavor.


Dove breasts

Garlic powder



Thyme (optional)  

Sifted flour  



Chives (optional)

After plucking the feathers and removing the breastbone from the dove meat, chop up into quarter inch strips. Then mix flour, garlic, powder, salt, pepper, thyme, and/or any other preferred seasoning into a container. In a separate bowl, scramble an egg.

The next step is to cover the bottom of a frying pan with oil. Dip each piece of dove meat into the egg, dredge through flour mix, and then drop into the pan.

Fry the dove meat for 2-3 minutes on each side or until golden brown, and your chicken-fried dove dumplings are ready to be served.     

Once the dish is ready, various condiments can be added, from ketchup to lemon juice depending on personal preference.

The same steps can be repeated for other upland game fowl such as quail and pheasant.

Dove season will be open from 9/01 – 9/15 and 11/09 – 12/23, while Eurasian dove species are open year-round. Quail season in our region (Zone 3) is open from 10/19 – 1/26 and pheasant season will run from 11/09 – 12/22.


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