Annual Mardi Gras Celebration Raises Money for ECRMC Equipment and Programs


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HOLTVILLE — Mardi Gras came to life Friday evening as the El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) held its ninth annual Mardi Gras Fundraiser “Bal”, which took place at the Imperial Palms Resort at Barbara Worth Country Club.

One of the biggest fundraisers for the ECRMC Foundation, the annual gala is a prime time for the hospital to thank businesses and individual supporters of its foundation. Funds raised will be used to acquire new medical equipment, support for expansion projects, as well as support for patient services and programs.

“We have raised a grand total of over $516,000 from 2009 to 2015,” said Marty Dineley, Volunteer Services Director of the hospital.  “Not all money came from this fundraiser alone, but from others as well.”

Other ECRMC Foundation fundraisers include the Employee Giving Campaign held in May, numerous direct mail giving campaigns throughout the year, monthly truck sales, gift shop sales, memorial gifts and pledges from the Foundations Board.

With all this money being raised, the El Centro hospital will be able to acquire a Cardiac Monitor ED, two Photo Therapy Lights for the obstetrics department, pediatric rehabilitation equipment, a Care Channel for all patient rooms as well as other items to enhance the stay of every patient. The funds will also be used for hospital renovations, increasing the facility’s size to the largest floor plan to date.

Patient services and programs also receive allotments from the fundraisers, including Replacement Clothes programs, Nancy Haile Teddy Care Program, Imperial Valley Child Asthma Program, and the ECRMC Career Path Program.

The replacement clothes program provides clean clothes for patients and family members who are in need of clothes and are unable to make a trip home to gather their own. The Nancy Haile Teddy Care Program provides a gift of stuffed animals to sick children who visit the hospital or clinics. The stuffed toys are helpful for distraction and reducing fear and anxiety in children.

The Imperial Valley Child Asthma Program is available free of charge for families of children who suffer from asthma. Lastly, the  ECRMC Career Path Program is an organization for student volunteers between the ages of 16 and 22 wherein they have the opportunity to train for most of the duties of a Certified Nurses Assistant.

Organizers said the annual fundraisers are a way for the El Centro Regional Medical Center to bring in money for their foundation as well improve the hospital for employees and patients in a festive environment.

“We are here to thank our supporters for all their donations and have a good time doing so,” said Dineley.

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