SDSU Imperial Valley Campus

SDSU Imperial Valley Campus

CALEXICO - The number of students attending San Diego State University Imperial Valley has grown to 1,020 for the fall semester, which is the second-highest student head count in the history of the campus, according to university census figures released this week.

The SDSU Imperial Valley campus is the top college within the University for exceeding its full-time equivalent student (FTES) target goal for the semester by 7 percent, according to a recently released report from SDSU-IV. 

“We have worked very hard to enhance a number of services and added a master’s degree program to respond to community needs we identified,” said Dr. Gregorio Ponce in the release. He is dean of SDSU Imperial Valley. “So, we are very gratified to see the increase in enrollment and to provide great educational opportunities for the students here.” 

SDSU Imperial Valley’s student population increases are in line with other measures tracked by the university student census. For the fall semester SDSU Imperial Valley: 

  • Had the second-highest FTES, 766.4, in its history 
  • Exceeded its FTES target goal of 720 for the first time in three years
  • Has the largest number of transfer students, 281, now attending the campus
  • This semester has in attendance 93 percent of the admitted applicants of the IVUP (Imperial Valley University Partnership).  IVUP is a partnership between SDSU Imperial Valley, Imperial Valley College and the Imperial County Office of Education to improve the local college degree attainment rate.

In addition to the student population increases for the fall semester, SDSU Imperial Valley recently launched a new and improved website to make it easier for students and prospective students to find information about the college, per the report.

Additionally, Ponce said in the release, the college has enhanced several services, including setting up an outreach office to provide high school and Imperial Valley College students information about the opportunities available at SDSU Imperial Valley. 

Benefits available to students at the local campus include, according to the report, a global faculty and opportunities for students to participate in research, do internships and go on study abroad programs. 

This fall, SDSU Imperial Valley started a master’s degree in nursing leadership program to respond to local community needs for an advanced program in nursing. 

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