IMPERIAL COUNTY — The Imperial County Public Health Department shared this week that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is deploying a team to Imperial County to provide support for contact tracing, binational case investigations, hospital infection prevention and control and reporting, data management, and planning. The CDC team will consist of five staff, including epidemiologists and others. Some of the team members arrived earlier in the week, while others will be arriving Friday, June 19.   

Paula Kriner, Epidemiology manager said, “Our Department welcomes the additional support from the CDC. This is an unprecedented time for our community and having the assistance from our federal partners allows us to continue serving our community with the highest level of professionalism that they deserve as we respond to the pandemic.”   

The Public Health Department is participating in the California Department of Public Health’s new program for case investigation and contact tracing called CalCONNECT. In addition to more than a dozen local case investigators who have been trained, the State is in the process of assigning and training a total of 10 bilingual case investigators and 10 bilingual contact tracers to investigate cases, identify contacts to those cases, and follow up with the contacts.

Imperial County remains in Stage 2 – Lower Risk under the Roadmap to Recovery mandated by guidelines established in the California Resilience Roadmap by Governor Gavin Newsom.  For information on COVID-19, please visit or contact the COVID-19 Information Line at 442-265-6700.  

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I agree, our leadership, county and cities have dropped the ball in being proactive with county residents health and preventive Covid measures. Imperial Valley's negative data will not go away and our leadership will be accountable. We all need to vote to make our voices heard.


The county is urging residents to follow the stay at home order guidelines issued by the IC Healh Director for father's day but the board of supervisors is encouraging people to do nonessential leisure shopping at the mall and other nonessential business. All the Board of Supervisors only concern is the tax revenue created by retail businesses. The state and local cost for all the assistance we need does not concern them. The cost of lives lost does not conern them. The want to bypass the attestation process because in there words we can't meet the metrics. That should tell them something. They should not be allowed local authority for more reopenings. They should take the honorable step and accept they made some mistakes and step back. Within 2 weekes of allowing instore retail to open at the end of May our cases more than doubled and are still increasing at an alarming rate. Many people are of tlhe attitude that if you can go shopping at the mall and other stores than it is ok to start socializing.

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