2021 BWB Gymkhana winners
Winners from the 2021 gymkhana, back row:  (L-R) Cole Leavitt, Brooke Whittle, Kate Richardson, Amaris Rothfleisch, JC Reeves, Mikalou Valenzuela.  Front row:  Christopher Valenzuela, Maci richardson, Taylynn Crook, Tara Crook, ginger Nelson, Lily Reeves

The local women’s horseback riding group, Barbara Worth Brigadettes, will host their annual Gymkhana on Saturday, January 29, 2022.  Signups begin at 8am, events start at 9am.  

Events include Barrel Race, Fox and Hound, Keyhole, Ribbon Race, Washington Poles, Apple Race and Quadrangles.  This gymkhana will be held at the Cattle Call Arena in Brawley.  High point prizes (beautiful commemorative buckles!) will be given to the top riders in each age group.  Rope halters with leather nosebands will be awarded to second place winners and grooming supplies for third place, jackpot for team events.

Food and drink should be brought by participants.  This event is open to the public, both as participants and spectators.  All attendees are welcome to bid on raffle items.

For more information on this event, contact event chairperson, Mikalou Valenzuela, 760-550-2568.   

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