BRAWLEY — The Brawley Chamber of Commerce issued a list of the various Brawley restaurants that will be offering different levels of food offerings, whether it is to be taken out (TO), delivered (D), curbside (C) or drive through (DT). The list is subject to change as businesses adjust to the COVID-19 effect on their livlihood.

Assagio D, C, TO

Brawley Creamery C, TO

Brownies Diner C, TO

Carl’s Jr DT, C, TO

China Inn             TO

Clamatos Preparados D, C, TO

Del Taco DT,

Dominos D, TO

Donut Avenue 7 TO

Donut Plus TO

Hacienda Snack Bar D, C, TO

Fosters Freeze TO

Inferno D, TO

Jack in the Box DT, TO


La Fresa D, C, TO

Los California Foods D, C, TO

Las Chabelas D, C, TO

Little Caesars D, TO

Los Cabos C, TO

McDonalds DT, D, TO

Nana Doras C, TO

Nonnas Cucina D

Panaderia Royal D

Pattys Loncheria TO

Peony Pavillion D, C, TO

Pizza Hut D, TO

Poke & Noodles D, C, TO

Rallys DT, TO

Raspados Ave. C, TO

Sofia’s Kitchen D, C, To

Starbucks DT, D, TO

Subway D, TO

Taco Bell DT, D, TO

Tasty Donuts TO

Tropical Delights D, C, TO

Under Pressure Deli D, C

Virginia’s Casita C, TO

Wendys DT, D

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