BRAWLEY — An arraignment and bail review for Brawley Police Officer, Ricardo Gabriel Valdez, charged with violating PC 261 (a)(4) (rape/victim unconscious at the time of act), PC 243.4 (a) (sexual battery), PC 459 (burglary), and PC 149 (assault by a public officer), was held Thursday, July 9, at the Imperial County Superior Court in Brawley.

Valdez was unable to attend court physically due to being in isolation while in custody. 

Valdez’s bail was originally set at $500,000, which was requested to be lowered to $55,000 by the defense.

As per the Honorable William Judge Quan, Valdez still posed a flight and public safety risk considering his position of authority, the severity of his potential sentence — eight years — and his ties to Los Angeles, and therefore the bail reduction request was denied.

Due to an emergency rule stipulation, the defense was granted the right to an automatic bail review within five days, which was scheduled for Tuesday, July 14.

As per council, Valdez’s ability to potentially post bail influences custody status and therefore may dictate the availability to utilize time wavers.

An arraignment continuance was also scheduled for July 14.

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